6 Success Habits Every Female Hustler NEEDS to Know

6 Success Habits Every Female Hustler NEEDS to Know

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How are those New Years resolutions going? Bet you had a little giggle when you read that question.

We're approaching the end of February and majority of us have already given up on the exhilirating New Year resolutions we were so determined to achieve in January. Various studies have shown that an astonishing 80% of New Year resolutions are broken by the second week of February with another showing that less than 25% of people commit to their New Year resolutions for longer than 30 days.

Setting New Year resolutions is a mere baby step towards positive transformation when compared to setting actual goals for yourself. We so often use the words 'resolution' and 'goal' interchangeably, however there is quite a difference between these 2 terms. A goal by definition requires a conscious intention to do something. Goals, especially SMART goals, are more attainble as they require you to clearly state the steps you need to take in order to achieve that specific goal in a specified time, unlike resolutions which are quite rigid.

However, simply setting SMART goals for yourself instead of New Years resolutions isn't going to make you part of the 8% of people that achieve their resolutions. Instead, you first have to lay the solid foundation that'll allow you to achieve the mind-blowing dreams you have which are: habits.

First things first, what is a habit ?

Habits as defined by  Free Dictionary " are recurrent and often unconscious patterns of behaviour and are acquired through frequent repetiton." Due to the frequent repetition of these behavioural patterns, we often master these habits without even realising that we're doing them. Habits not only define our behaviour, but also shape our thoughts, emotions and overall character.

Luckily, habits -both bad and good - can be changed.

So let's dive straight in and learn how to master the habits of successful entrepreneurs. 

1. Become self-disciplined

To snooze or not to snooze? Every morning we're faced with this horrific situation: to immediately get up and out of bed or to spend another 10 minutes laying in our warm comfy bed, letting precious time go by us as if it can be replaced.

Self-discipline(n): the ability to control yourself and to make yourself work hard or behave in a particular way without needing anyone else to tell you what to do [collinsdictionary.com]

The only key that opens the thick,concrete door that lies between your reality and your ideal reality is self-discipline. Being disciplined consists of mastering yourself and controlling your emotions so that they neither dictate your actions nor have power over the choices you make. It means doing tasks you very well know you must do even when you don't feel like doing them. Muhammad Ali, one of the greatest boxers to ever walk this planet, knew he needed to discipline himself to achieve immeasurable success. Muhammad Ali once said, ' I hated every minute of training, but I said,"Don't quit. Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion."

It includes eliminating ALL the distractions in your life that hinder you from making progress. Refusing to eliminate these distractions will only result in you losing focus in the near future.  Majority- if not all- successful business owners and millionaires that we look up to soared to such great heights by being more disciplined than their peers. They were more than willing to get up earlier, work harder and sleep later than their competitors day in and day out.

You've got to do just that- overcome the temptations that attempt to hinder your success. Master that and you're on the path to success.

"Being disciplined consists of mastering yourself and controlling your emotions so that they neither dictate your actions nor have power over the choices you make. "-@strutcyan. -Click Here To Tweet

2.Be willing to sacrifice

sacrifice: an act of giving up something valued for the sake of something else regarded as more important or worthy.[yourdictionary.com]

To achieve your flat tummy and tight, round booty you're going to have to sacrifice those long, romantic strolls to the fridge and eating when you're stressed or upset. To achieve your pass with distinctions (yes girl, distinctionS), you're going to have to sacrifice those epic girls night out and those late nights watching series. To found your million-dollar empire, you're going to have to sacrifice those lazy chill days and excessive 8 hour sleep sessions. Dr. Eric Thomas could not have said these words any better: " The bigger your dream, the earlier you're going to have to get up." I repeat, the BIGGER your dream, the EARLIER you're going to have to get up.

But, we're all human right?

There are days when that fresh red velvet cake looks so mouthwatering and those thrilling series are calling your name- and it's in times like those that  you have to fall back on your WHY.So in those hard, tempting times, when that red velvet cake is calling your name or you're at the brink of desparingly falling back on old habits, you have to look deep down inside and fall back on the reason you're grinding so hard.

What are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal?

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3.Love yourself

self-love(n): the instinct by which one's actions are directed to the promotion of one's own welfare or well-being [dictionary.com]

KNOW. YOUR. WORTH. Surround yourself with people who know and treat you according to your worth. More importantly, know and treat YOURSELF according to your worth. Control the negative words and thoughts you think and say to yourself- instead speak prosperity and positivity over yourself.There is so much potential inside of you and there is honestly no such thing as a limitation to your capabilities. All you have to do is acknowledge and make use of the power you have.

Love yourself so much you cannot imagine NOT investing in yourself. Investing in yourself includes wholeheartedly putting time and money aside to improve your character. Investing in yourself can include a range of activities such as reading novels, attending your industry-related workshops or even taking an informative online class.

Lastly, loving yourself includes forgiving yourself. Easy to say yet hard to apply. Forgive yourself for mistakes and actions done in the past. Love yourself enough to learn from those situations and to let the heavy burden go.

So let it go. Start each brand new day with a light, clear conscious.

4.Regularly evaluate your inner circle

" Look, I don't dance now / I make money moves
Say I don't dance now / I make money move
If I see you and I don't speak / That means I don't ... "

Bet you finished that line all on your own. Ever listened to a song so many times that when you eventually turned off the music, the song was still playing in your head? The exact same thing happens with the thoughts and statements made to us by our close friends- those in our inner circle. We so often get used to all the familiar faces and voices, that we never take a step back and re-evaluate their intentions. Regularly re-evaluate your inner circle, the people you allow in your VVIP section. Ask yourself if those indiviuals you call 'friends' have your best intentions at heart. Do your friends want to see you prosper, or are they trying to keep you at their mediocre level ? Are YOU that friend that's keeping everyone at your level of mediocrisy? 

Your network is equivalent to your networth. Cliche? Maybe, but birds of the same feathers do indeed flock together, so flock with like-minded people. If those closest to you tell you you're dreaming too big, that's your cue to dream even bigger and to get friends with a similar work ethic and mindset as you. It is your cue to ambitiously propel yourself into unfamiliar territories with the goal of growing and coming out victorious. After evaluating your inner circle, you've got to evaluate the most important person in this story: YOU

5.Become self-aware 

What's stopping you from living the life you desire?

The correct answer: YOU.

'self-awareness: conscious knowledge of one's character and feelings'[Google.com]

"You're your own worst enemy,"- often times these truthful words fall on deaf ears. ' I'll do it after this episode of Empire,' 'I'll do it after 18:00,'  " I'll get up after 10 minutes.' Any of these sound familiar?

Just as you are your worst enemy, all the achievements you've obtained have been attained by you therefore making it extremely vital to know WHO you are.
Self-awareness includes understanding who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, acknowledging your flaws and talents, and so forth. By being brutally honest with yourself and acknowledging who you truly are behind closed doors, you are then able to get a vividly clear vision of what you want out of life. Once you've created your ideal vision for your life you are then capable of setting vividly clear goals which lead you to the life you want to live.

'By being brutally honest with yourself and acknowledging who you truly are behind closed doors, you are then able to get a vividly clear vision of what you want out of life. ' @strutcyan -Click Here to Tweet 

6.Manage your time

Tick tock, tick tock- your time to grow and glow has arrived!

time management: the ability to use one's time effectively or productively [Google.com]

Let me get real with you real quick : Will the amount of hours you spend on social media get you that degree or bursary you desparately need? Will the amount of hours you spend watching series and lazying around yield the staggering growth results you desire?

Time management involves organizing and constructively planning how you'll make use of each minute of the day, ensuring you do not waste valuable time being unproductive. It'll allow you to create a precise routine that'll assist you in prioritizing your tasks as well as achieving your daily activities, which should lead to you taking an entire leap closer to obtaining your goals.

Taking the time to precisely plan daily and weekly tasks will allow you to build momentum in addition to remaining focused. Mastering the skill of time management allows you to work smarter instead of harder.

So I ask you once again, what are you willing to sacrifice to achieve your goal?

You've just equiped yourself with the knowledge as to go about achieving your goals, so now the hard work comes in: putting your knowledge into action.

Even if you're only able to implement one of these success habits, you'll be able to see a significant change in your work ethic, which'll take you one step closer to achieving the goals you've set for yourself. Apply all 6 habits and you'll be able to conquer success in your near future.

Remember,actions speak louder than words. Only those determined individuals that consistently take action see results.

So get started.


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