How To Elegantly Layer Winter Clothing Without Appearing Bulky

How To Elegantly Layer Winter Clothing Without Appearing Bulky

Say goodbye to the good ol' summer days where you could simply slip on a dress and cute sandals and call it a day. With the horrific Johannesburg winter rains or the brutal Cape Town winds , one jacket and a long, wide-legged pants will no longer suffice when it comes to your winter outerwear strategy. To make matters worse, along with the ice cold weather comes the crippling dilemma every fashionista cringes at: how to dress warm for the bitter cold weather while still looking stylish. 

There is a way, however, to dress up like the sophisticated goddess you are, without comprising on comfort. The key to maintaining your style during winter is mastering the art of layering. Plenty  females tend to avoid layering their clothing because they fear appearing bigger than their actual size. So whether you're a size 28 or a size 38, this guide will advise you on how to effortlessly layer your winter clothing without appearing bulkier. 

So let's layer up!

#1: Always layer from the thinnest item and end off with the thickest

The golden rule: layer your clothing from the thinnest item and end off with the thickest. This is where the roles of various layers comes in. Your thinnest layer is referred to as your base layer, with the sole function of wicking perspiration off your skin to prevent you from eventually becoming cold or hypothermic. By starting off with the thinnest item, you ensure you don't appear bulky in your winter clothing by first creating a slim-fit foundation and working your way up from there. 

#2: Wear your slimmer fits of clothing


Kill two birds with one stone! Instead of constantly struggling to wear a chunky knit, under an oversized trench coat, rather opt for layering thin items versus thick items. Wear a collared shirt with a fine woven jersey under a topcoat, which'll make sure you remain warm while looking darn good at the same time. 

PS. You definitely want to make sure that a bodysuit (preferably long sleeve) is part of your outfits. A bodysuit ensures your base remains well tucked into your pants. 

#3: Stick to one colour range

By wearing one colour in multiple shades you subconsciously trick the naked eye into believing that you have a single layer of clothing on in addition to you appearing taller, and having on elongated body frame. Try your best to wear neutral colours. If you are, however, feeling adventurous and want to add a bit more colour to your outfit, then follow the infamous trick by changing the colour of ONE item only. 


#4: Don't be shy to wear your summer items (yes, you read that correctly)

No need to pack away those colourful summer dresses, mini-skirts and those pastel-coloured blouses just because the dark grey clouds have come out to play. Since summer garments are usually light, these items will be perfect when completing tip #1 and tip #2 of this guide. 

A great example would be adding a turtle neck top under you fav mid-length dress with a pair of warm tights and low boots to finish the look. 


#5: Maintain your proportions

I cannot stress this enough: maintaining your body's natural proportions is vital when it comes to layering. 

If you have a 'pear shaped' body, extra layers on the upper body coupled with a pair of skinny jeans will create a desirable hourglass figure. 'Apple shaped' bodies on the other hand should keep the layering on their upper body to a minimal in order to prevent their body from appearing bulky. 

At no point in time should you layer to a point where you can no longer see the shape of your legs, your waist or your bust. 


#6: Go bold. Go sleeveless. 

One huge advantage regarding sleeveless jackets is that you can wear as many layers underneath and that's not even the best part. The best part is that no one will know or realize that you're wearing 101 tops.

When applying this tip, please keep in mind your body proportions. This tip normally works best for those with small upper bodies. 

As the season changes from blazing hot days to bitter cold days, we’ve been left with no choice but to take it up a notch and increase our efforts to keep our bodies warm. However, dressing for the sake of keeping ourselves warm can make us lose any sense of exuberant style we previously had. 

By strictly following the core layering basics (as mentioned above) and adding your own warm winter accessories such as thick, wool beanies/beanie’s, gloves and scarves, you will be ready to conquer any winter weather that comes your way. 

Please do keep in mind that you do not have to overdo anything when layering. The art of layering is more than enough to make your outfit stand. You've read our advice, now give us yours! Share your winter layering tips and tricks with us in the comment section below. Let's learn from one another.