Top 9 Tips to Your Black Friday Shopping Spree

Top 9 Tips to Your Black Friday Shopping Spree

Many of us (especially myself) have been impatiently longing for Black Friday to arrive like a kid  eagerly waiting to open their Christmas present. The idea of discounted prices on everything- from electronics all the way to clothing - sounds like sweet melodies to the ears. 

However, be cautious of letting all the Black Friday hype deceive you. If you aren’t cautious, you might end up overpaying for items and missing out on pretty good deals if you don’t do your homework. 

Irrespective of whether you plan on going in-store to experience the buzzing atmosphere and long queues or whether you'll be shopping online in the comfort of your home, following these tips will help you cash in on the best deals on the products you've been dreaming about all year long. 

1. Start As Soon As You Can 

The days of just casually checking the newspaper or hoping online to see what your favourite retailers will have for sale the night before, are long gone. Black Friday and Cyber Monday have become so much more. Black Friday is no longer just an ordinary day, but has transformed into an entire month filled with discounts, free gifts and even more discounts  

This means that it's  highly advisable to start tracking prices from the beginning of November so that when a discount comes your way, you'll be able to tell if the deal is worth your money or not. 

Which leads us to our next, highly recommended  tip…

2. Make sure you do your homework

If you’re smart, you’ll definitely prepare well for Black Friday. How you ask? By studying the overflowing heaps of ads that retailers have been throwing at you throughout the month of November. A simple yet productive way to go about this would be by signing up to your favourite retailers newsletters. By signing up, retailers will send you coupons and sale alerts straight to your inbox, so that when it’s time to checkout , you get absolute value for your money. 

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3. Bookmark your retailer's websites

After doing your homework, you’ve got one simple task to do before the big day: bookmark your favourite websites. Don’t just bookmark, but take full advantage of your bookmark functionality by organizing your retail bookmarks with a title. For example, your Cyan bookmark title might read: “Cyan – Best African Print Dress Prices.” You can even go all out by creating various folders for your Black Friday Shopping. 

4. Avoid Dodgy websites 

When doing your online shopping, make sure you’re purchasing from a merchant that takes your safety and security as seriously as you do. When you visit an ecommerce store, make sure it has an SSL certificate (you can see this by the padlock like ours here: 

At Cyan we take safety and security quite seriously which us why we also have FraudLabs Pro installed on our site to ensure that your online shopping experience is as safe as can be. 

1. Make sure the web address begins with https:// and not http://
Http (HyperText Transfer Protocol) is a system used for transmitting and receiving data from server to client. Https (HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is a combination of 2 protocols to ensure that no one can steal the data between you and the server.

On the site the exact same thing happens: a https:// pops up at the beginning of the web address indicating that our website is secure and all your information is encrypted at all times.

2. Make sure there is a padlock on the websites' address(if it's green even better)

5. Hop onto social media 

The social media accounts of your favourite retailers are a great way to find out about the exclusive promotions they are running. As Black Friday approaches, retailers will most likely start rewarding potential customers for following and engaging with them on their social media posts. The best part you ask? Social media posts are quite an easy and simplistic way to share the best black Friday deals you’ve found with your squad of friends. 

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6. Compile a budget- and STICK TO IT 

Know and accept what you can afford and what you cannot afford. 

The moment you see those insanely low discounted Black Friday Specials the excitement and uncontrollable adrenaline rush will possess you and you'll start purchasing items you were never intending on buying. 

After doing your homework by signing  up to newsletters and following your favourite stores on social media, make the conscious decision of deciding the amount of money you are willing to spend on your Black Friday/Cyber Monday shopping spree. 

The most important to tip here is not to compile a budget, but that you actually stick to the budget. 


7. Take Advantage of Loyalty Programs 

If you aim to save as much money as possible,  then this tip is for you boo! 

Many retailers offer loyalty programs that include incentives such as coupons, reward points and even your money back! 

By signing up to loyalty programs,  you get to experience the VVIP lifestyle by receiving the latest promotions before everyone else, plus rewards every time you checkout. 

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8. Beware of Unbelievably Low Prices 

As soon as our eyes are fixed on how cheap a product is, our brains aggressively start calculating how much money we'll be saving  that we forget to take into account the quality and value of that product.  

Yes you will wear the garment for some years, however if you're not pleased with the material quality or the fit,  you’ll end up painfully regretting not spending that extra R100 to purchase that other garment of much better quality starts for the next few years. 

Yes, you trade correctly. If you purchase a product based on its unbelievably low price, 

You might end up painfully regretting not spending that extra R100 to purchase that other garment of much better quality starts for the next few years. 

9. Read Store Policies Beforehand 

It’s quite advantageous to know what the return and exchange policies are of a company just in case something goes wrong with your order . 

As dull as this may sound, ensure that you read the fine print before hand, to prevent yourself from paying any additional fees at a later stage such as a restocking fee that some retailers charge. 

At Cyan, our Exchange Policy allows you to change your item(s) during the first 7 days of delivery, without any questions asked. More information regarding our Returns and Refunds policy can be found under or Terms and Conditions. 

Final Word

As more advertisements are going to be popping up left, right and centre, and the buzzing chatters of colleagues sharing their festive shopping plans gets louder and louder,  it'll gradually become harder and harder to NOT end up excessively spending your money. 

Not only should you apply these tips to your Black Friday shopping spree, instead, apply them to your festive season shopping spree to ensure that you don’t start the new year with an empty bank balance. Even though these tips might appear difficult, they will help you (and your bank balance) tremendously. 

So go on now , sign up to our Cyan loyalty program and start getting ready for our Black Friday Sale ! 

PS. Share your personal Black Friday shopping tips with us in the comment section below.