You're loosing hair!  

Yes, those fragile hair strands that you're  so passionately maintaining just so they can grow- all that dedication and effort down the drain the instant you place a cotton fabric on your head. 


In just the blink of an eye. 

After 8 months of continous  trial and error- we found an innovative solution: delicately crafted satin-lined headwraps infused with contemporary African prints. 

This luxury collection comes alongside these exclusive privileges: 

• Prevents Hair Breakage:

Dry hair occurs when there is friction between your hair and the fabric on your head. The friction that takes place between your hair and a cotton head wrap ( or cotton pillow case) weakens your hair strands which leads to hair strands that are extremely vulnerable to breakage. Thankfully satin fabric consists of tightly bound threads which reduces the amount of friction on your hair strands,  leaving your hair less prone to breakage. 

• Reduces Split Ends:

Spritzing your tresses with water on a daily basis alongside having your weekly wash day is absolutely vital to stimulate growth and retain hair length. 

The satin fabric used on each handmade head scarf  has a silky smooth, sheen surface which protects your tresses against breakage and split ends and allows your hair to maintain its’ elasticity.

• Retains Moisture: 

Your hair naturally produces natural oils that are used to retain moisture in your strands and leave your hair looking and feeling healthy. Cotton- a commonly used headwrap fabric- is a highly absorbent fabric that absorbs moisture from the root of your hair all the way to the tip the very instant your hair is in contact with it. 

The reason we opted to line our 100% African print head wraps with satin is because satin is a low absorbency fabric which prevents your hair from becoming dry and thereby allowing it to maintain its moisture. 

• Covers up a Bad Hair Day :

We all experience blue days where nothing seems to be going our way, not even our hair co-operates with us. As opposed to us handling our hair, on those days it simply feels as though our hair is handling us!

When days are dark, a Cyan head scarf will always be there for you. 

• Adds a pop to your outfit:

Ever worn an all Black outfit? 

Whether the answer is yes or no, by simply adding a colourful head scarf to your outfit, you'll be sure to catch many eyes gazing at you (and your rad head gear of course!) 

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