Privacy Policy

We are all aware of how important security is regarding our personal information and as a result the team behind Cyan ensures that your information is kept confidential.

Cyan adheres to the Promotion of Personal Information Act (2002) as well as the Protection of Personal Information Act (2013)

The information that you provide us with on our website is the information that we gather.  You have full control of all the information that you give us. You do not have to provide us with certain details , however  you have to keep in mind that this will disadvantage you with some of the features we have on our website. The information that we gather is used to increase your customer experience , respond to your emails and requests as well as fulfill your orders.

This information that you give us is kept confident and under no circumstances given nor sold to third parties. The only time such information is passed on is to legal authorities when bound to due to fraud investigations.

By being on this website, signing up for our newsletters and/or purchasing item(s) on this platform, automatically means that you agree with the Terms and Conditions set here. You therefore agree that we may proceed to collect and store information such as your full name, gender, email address, and IP address as well as receive notifications and marketing emails from us. Delivery details as well as contact details are disclosed to the courier services we make use of in order to fulfill your order. Such details are also disclosed to bank and credit card companies that are handling the payments that you make.This information is voluntarily given to us by you and through the use of cookies. 


Our site is secured with a Secure Site Layer (SSL) Certificate which is a website security protocol used to protect the informaton of customers' against various crimes such as fraud and identity theft.An SSL certificate is not only associated with encryption, but with authentication, intergrity and non-repudiation. This means that the information of the customer is encrypted, by the highest level of SSL security, as well as validated.Encryption ensures that the information that you fill in will only be read by the intended parties, and no one else.