Vision and Mission


At Cyan, we strive to go beyond the limits of providing the modern female with just gorgeous products. Our goal is to see females of all colour and backgrounds PROPSER.

We're here to provide them with uplifting motivation, eye-opening educational content and a heartwarming family they need to invest in themselves. An empowered female has the ability to enrich the lives of her family, friends, community members and revive her career.

The first step towards self-empowerment simply begins with embracing your heritage and who you are while strutting your African-inspired items.

Our Vision 

It's time to change the conversation regarding African clothing. Gone are the days where you see an African print dress and simply cringe inside because it's too colourful or doesn't compliment your style. Gone are the days where we lack the confidence to flaunt our afro's, African print, and head wraps in the office space and other public environments. The time is now hun. 

We are the one's Africa's been waiting for.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower and foster pride by providing you, an African goddess, with modern and stylish African clothing. We're here to scratch that annoying little itch inside of you that's longing to express her heritage with sophistication and class. We got you girl!